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Here at Full Deliverance Church of Jesus we sincerely believe in our young people. God is doing awesome things through the lives of this generation, and we know this not to be the X-generation. Society has put a cloud of doom over the youth, and has labeled our young people good for nothing. However our goal is not to necessarily change the attitudes of society, but to change the self perception of our Youth. If you can believe it, then you can achieve it. God does not make mistakes, and He’s given all of us Purpose and Destiny.

We’ve adopted the name Generation of Purpose (GP) because we know that the youth of today have a God given purpose, and they can walk in Gods perfect will.  We know that God called the old because they are wise. Additionally He called the young because their strong. It is our sincere desire to empower, and impart the knowledge and understanding that with God ALL things are possible. The Generation of Purpose are tomorrow’s future Preachers, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, and Politicians. It is our job to help bring that purpose to full manifestation.

We have several programs that we provide for our youth to help them reach the next level in fulfilling their purpose.

Bible Study
Each Wednesday night we study the word of God and give the youth biblical principals on their level that they can apply to their lives daily.

Youth Alive
This a program that meets each month in which we talk with our  young adults about issues they face each and every day. To learn more click YOUTH ALIVE below

Other Events
We have several events throughout the year that promote fun and fellowship among our young people. This includes field trips, poetry night, drama ministry, picnics and more.

If you would like to know more about our GP Youth, email us at


Main Location
921 W. Bentley St.
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 843-9129


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Full Deliverance Church of Jesus

921 W. Bentley Street
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 843 9129 Email

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