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We here at Full Deliverance Church of Jesus promote healthy marriage. We believe that Marriage is an institution that is backed by God. The perfect example of Marriage is the one between Christ and the Church. The Bible declares that He will come back to receive His bride. Who is the bride of Christ? It of course is the Church. A healthy marriage is a union between a MAN and a WOMAN. It was specifically designed in such a way to include both sexes. Today Satan has filled the hearts of many to believe and promote same sex marriage. This is an abomination and is not taught by the true Church. Marriage in the eyes of God is wonderful and ordained. It has the approval of the one who originated it.


Our Senior Pastor Alexis Freeman teaches about healthy marriage. We have a Family enrichment program that speaks to this subject in depth. When you add God to your marriage, you have a winning combination.

Main Location
921 W. Bentley St.
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 843-9129


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Full Deliverance Church of Jesus

921 W. Bentley Street
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone: (407) 843 9129 Email

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